Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Update

Just a couple things I want to talk about today...
 THESE awesome books I saw at Barnes and Nobles, so incredibly cute!!  How come everyone in my ward is having a boy, I'll buy the next person who has a girl the Pride and Prejudice one, and that's a promise!!  Here's the amazon link for a couple of them : Jennifer Adams.
 These are the trifles I brought to the Young Women fundraiser last night and let me tell you...
 BOTH trifles are worth one of these strawberry cakes!  Yum, thanks Stephanie!!
 I finally bought some white shirts at Target for my boys, too cute right?? Even if they don't stand still : )
 Thanks for the ties Grammy V.!!!
 Some random family photos for you, grandparents and far away friends!!
 See the Trenty chin above, lol!
 Please excuse the snot nose!
 Steve is sunburned, haha!
 Here are Steve's fence posts!  I'm so glad he had help putting those in, it took them a while!  Thanks guys!!
 Yay for fences!!
And this is Raleigh's handstand, how awesome is that??  Love it!  Happy Sabbath to you!!


Alysia said...

you guys are such a cute family! i love your boys and their sweet faces! you looked really pretty on Sunday too! and i'm jealous about your strawberry shortcake. its looks really yummy. oh, btw, thank you SO much for your help on Sunday. not only was it super appreciated, but I love having your company!

Shelley said...

I LOVE THIS!! What a super cute family pic! I love you hair and you guys look so great! That dessert looks so yummy. Are you in YW now? That fence looks like a lot of work but you will love it right? And their little white shirts are so cute. I need to get Levi some more Sunday clothes. I usually send him to nursery in a shorts :) Miss you guys so much!

Kristen Moss said...

Your shoes in the white shirts pic are adorable and your hair is so cute. Oh and I want some oreo trifle... like NOW!

One Happy Family said...

You have such a beautiful family. And now I NEED some Oreo Trifle- no fair.